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Diversifying Economy into Agricultural Opportunities
Diversifying Economy into Agricultural Opportunities

15 September 2016

The economy really is in a bad shape and that’s why we came up with this business forum concept to generate various ideas to inspire, motivate and help aspiring entrepreneurs out there start their own businesses.

On our first episode on the radio program, we interviewed the CEO of Eskil Farms, an agro-business Gentlemen who has developed a means of helping people invest in agriculture.

His concept is simple. Invest in some farm animals, they manage them for you and in few months they sell and you make a nice profit, overtime. In essence they make you a farmer in absentia.Fantastic concept!

Eskil farms will be featuring in our event to discuss details of the agro business and show you how you can start the business as well.

Go to our event page to register to attend that epic event. Remember we’re bringing 2 more guests before the event date. Stay tuned.


Sanmight on September 26, 2016 AT 01 pm

I am thinking into this diversifying business idea. Expecting your response.

Gerald Ufford on September 28, 2016 AT 10 am

Am Interested

Kaezeem Lanre Akinsoji Kasali on September 30, 2016 AT 08 am

I am a working class but want to diversifying my income, i think am interested in this agro-business ideal to invest in. kindly furnish me with necessary information. Expecting your response.